To Be Seen & Unseen

What if you could be in the world without directly receiving the gaze of others? Through various modes of theatricality the performance confronts ideas of exposure, empowerment and in/visibility. You will be invited to take a journey with a performer. You will be invited to wear a costume, a traveler’s garment and a mask. Similar to masks worn in Venetian culture, this mask will free you from social codes and markers of identity. We will walk hand in hand wherever you wish. At certain points during our journey we might sit in silence, we might talk to other people, or we might just talk to each other. When we decide our journey has reached a midway point we will retrace our steps. We will walk back to the place of our departure separately on opposite sides of the path.

To Be Seen & Unseen is a response to this control and surveillance of female bodies. It was first performed at the 24th Iranian Women’s Studies Conference in 2017.

The performance was shared at the opening of Akt III ich/io/me at Museion Atelier in Bolzano, South Tyrol.   

This group exhibition was part of the larger project, 1+1=3 or how to (de)construct a space in three acts, curated by Elisa Barison and supported by GAP (GLURN ART POINT). 



To Be Seen & Unseen was a commissioned project by Mare Culturale Urbano in Milan during 2018.

On February 15, 2020 the costumes, set, and videos were included in a group exhibition entitled, Fear No Art: Civic Engagement, Histories, Currencies, curated by Dr. Lara Bullock at San Diego Art Gallery. Guests were invited to read writings from previous performances out loud in Farsi, German, Italian, Spanish, and English. 

Costumes designed by Kristina Foley

Masks created by Anna Rose.