)un-authorised-movement( seeks to create interventions in varying scales, examining the intersection of experiential live performance, curatorial practice, activism, and digital technology. This approach to mediated storytelling and knowledge sharing is inspired by activist practices utilising social media platforms. As an experimental mode of online exhibition, the project archives a collection of text presented in Waking Up Iranian American to use storytelling via social media as a momentary rupture in the narrative dominated by sensational reporting. After each performance I select a story that has been recently published online about Iran produced by a media corporation in the U.S. that I believe to be propaganda. Similar to graffiti art practices, I layer text over the article and embed photography and videos that are also used in the performance. This assemblage of text, photography, and video creates a visual language that challenges demonising, stereotypical representations of Iran. It offers voice to the disembodied and marks new spaces for a network of people who have not been granted freedom of expression or movement. Finally, I tweet a message to the author of the original article, so they and my Twitter followers (audience) can view the latest installment.

)un-authorised-movement( is made possible by Toggle, a customized Chrome browser plugin by neverhitsend.  In 2015 it was supported by neverhitsendand 221A in the form of a digital fellowship.

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