I Am the Pilot in Command

a dance theatre performance conceived and directed by Susan Pfeffer

In collaboration with DJ J-Path and Home Soil ensemble members, I Am the Pilot in Command is a devised dance theatre performance of collaged movement and text. Created using the laboratory studio process of moment work, the performance consists of:

  • a three-dimensional painting inspired by a home-built, two-seater Glastar plane
  • Buddhist thought
  • the heart of the tin man, the brain of the scarecrow, the guts of the lion and Dorothy’s clicking feet from the Wizard of Oz
  • the search for a home in each other
  • polarities (male/female, dark/light, good/bad), which are explored, exploded, then equalized.

I Am the Pilot in Command explores the vacillation between clutching and loosing control in our tornado-like world. What happens when the Pilot in Command has lost direction and restraint?

A first treatment of this project was staged in Seoul during 2011. The second production was staged at the University of Nevada at Reno in March 2013 under the direction of Susan Pfeffer.