April 2017

Home Soil experiences are of the people, for the people. Through collaboration and participation, Home Soil offers common ground upon which the experience of citizenship, homeland, (for the moment) no longer matters. The body is one’s home. And since utopia is a faulty design, a non-destination, we create situations where everyday subjective reality shifts. We understand the world is made up of borders; but we insist on crossing those borders: encounters that create paths you might not have taken/have been able to take.  In order to confront nationalistic tendencies we examine tensions within one’s body, one’s body in relation to others, one’s body in relation to others in spaces/sites. We live in a world where witnessing inequities is an everyday experience, live or virtual. Our work responds to this. You can do something in the present, here and now. You can experience other realities, modes of thinking, or ways of doing, so that being in the world is being in support of others.

To extend ourselves outside the art world and to position our work within different platforms, we arrange and structure projects—performances as public intervention, archives as activism, and workshops as event—in order to access as many publics as possible.

February 2015
Home Soil is a contemporary performance collective interested in staging site-specific performance art in theatre, gallery, and club spaces, and mounting public interventions addressing identity politics and human rights issues. Home Soil’s mission is to unify artistic experiences with civic participation by creating socially engaged international collaborations.

February 2013
Missions should change daily. Each new experience directs us to a different place where we might not have expected to go. In that period of time, we change. 

February 2012
Home Soil creates work
connecting the artistic process to the transformation of one’s self,
redefining the meaning of space,
engaging a co-creative audience,
believing that performance generates action.

<홈 소일>은
개인의 자아의 발전과 예술적 과정을 접목시키며
공간의 의미를 재정립하고
창조의 동역자로서 관객을 참여시키며
공연은 행동을 낳는다는 것을 믿으며
작품을 창작한다.

October 2011
Our first mission was to produce theatre by:
devising new plays that reflect and serve a diverse society in order to reclaim a sense of artistic purpose, providing entertainment that explores the mystery in ‘the Other’, enforcing the philosophy that theatre as entertainment can be personally transformative, rather than purely a means for voyeurism, promoting theatre as an engaging event where audience members can be passionate about art by defying assumptions of theatre, and 
communicating our perspective of an emerging generation that is divided between honoring tradition and adjusting to the challenges in a globalised society. 

Co-founded in February 2010 by Zoya Sardashti & Ryan M. McKelvey, Home Soil created original work in Seoul until September 2013. We operate internationally and devise pieces that resonate with diverse communities. Our goal is to encourage transformation, invite exchange, and empower individuals. Whether East or West, Home Soil builds a community.

2010년 조야 사다시티와 라이언 맥캘비가 공동 창단한 <홈 소일>은 서울에서 활동하고 있는 창작극 극단이다. 아시아와 미국 출신의 단원들로 이루어진 우리 극단은 국제적인 활동을 펼치며, 다양한 커뮤니티의 문제를 다루는 작품들을 창작하고 있다. 우리의 목표는 변형을 도모하고, 상호 교환의 장을 만들며, 개개인을 세우는 것이다. <홈 소일>은 동서양을 막론한 공동체를 세워가고 있다.