How The Body Expresses Time Has Always Been (a ritual)

a morning ritual by Zoya Sardashti

I decide not to frame time by participating in the following rituals:  

starting my day thinking about performing actions that make money, thinking of time starting after the birth of Christ, thinking of power as vertical, and writing the date numerically

  1. Place your body horizontally on the floor.  Close your eyes. Consider the floor as another skin for soil is the flesh of the earth. Both are systems that generate heat through circulation. Consider the system of circulation within your body. Consider the circulation of the ecosystem below in support of your body. Consider all the organisms at work underneath you, creating the ground in which you lie. Stretch out your body. Consider your limbs to be roots of a tree. We will refer to this movement as “expansive”. We will use the word expand as a cue in attempt to experience “expansive”. Breathe in and expand. Breathe out. Breathe in and expand. Breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out and expand.  Our Roots Are Behind Us. Past.
  2.  Consider your body as roots that are able to curl. We will refer to this movement as “a contraction”. We will use the word contract as a cue in an attempt to experience “contraction”. Breathe in. When you breathe out reach your right arm over and around your body to roll over to one side. Contract  turn your pelvis forward to tuck your tailbone under and use your abdominal muscles to form a C with your body. Breathe in. Expand. Presence. Repeat this movement turning to the right and left three times to each side. Maintain awareness of the heat that is generated within your body and the heat generated between you and the earth (floor). Breathe in. When you breathe out reach your right arm over and around your body to roll over so you are facing the floor. Breathe in and breathe out. Release tension in your body. Now consider your body to be fluid, like water.  What Is The Word to Describe the Moment A Raindrop Merges With A Larger Body Of Water? Future. Consider your body to be a raindrop, a smaller body of water, falling from the sky. Consider the floor as an ocean, the largest body of water. Think of both bodies as light and cool.  Now imagine your body as a raindrop to join the ocean.    Before I turn off my alarm I roll over on my stomach, reach for a pen and piece of paper next to my bed. I write out today’s date. I pay attention to traces of thoughts or images experienced during sleeping. FOR writing sensations in the body Against sensational writing. 
  3. When you are ready reach your right arm over your head, contract and come to a sitting position then to a standing position. Now think of your body as still being rooted in the earth and your front as part of the ocean. Try to consider your core as holding the horizon.

How The Body Expresses Time Has Always Been (a ritual) draws from my autoethnographic research practice. It is used to generate presence. The purpose is to embody horizontality using the meeting point between the ocean and the shore as a metaphor, so even when I am upright my body remembers sensations of being horizontal. This performance took place on December 8th & 9th at Villa Romana, Florence during a workshop, Through Rituals: Make it Happen, led by Stefan Pente and William Wheeler.