)un-authorised-movement( seeks to create interventions in varying scales, examining the intersection of experiential curatorial practice, activism and digital technology. This approach to mediated expression and knowledge sharing is inspired by activist practices utilizing social media platforms. As an experimental mode of online exhibition using the extension Toggle, this project archives a collection of performative writing and images about mourning rituals from the project, How the Body Expresses Time Has Always Been (a ritual). An approach to writing sensations in the body as expression and knowledge sharing via social media serves as a momentary rupture in the narrative dominated by sensational news reporting. Stories that have been recently published online about people in exile, immigration or migration produced by a media corporation in the U.S. that is inflammatory or derogatory toward people from the Middle East, Africa and Central or South America will be selected. Similar to graffiti art practices, text will be layered over the news article and embed photography and videos that accompany the performative writing process. This assemblage of text, photography, and video creates a visual language that challenges demonizing, stereotypical representations of people labeled as “refugee”. It offers voice to the disembodied and marks new spaces, even if only virtual, for groups of people who have been granted freedom of expression or movement under limited terms. Finally, a message to the author of the original article will be tweeted, so they and artist’s followers (audience) can view the latest, revised installment.

)un-authorised-movement( is made possible by Toggle, a customized Chrome browser plugin by neverhitsend. In 2015 it was supported by neverhitsend and 221A in the form of a digital fellowship. It is a work-in-progress.