Dancing Through the Diaspora

Dancing Through the Diaspora is an online collaborative performance that promotes peace and unity. It unites minority voices and bodies, so that we may continue to demand for social justice and equality through nonviolent action. You are welcome to speak in any language. If you don’t have performance experience, no worries. The movement and text are very simple. You will be guided through the process and supported step-by-step. This performance is not a dance in a traditional sense. You are invited to use the movements suggested in the script and incorporate your own interpretations. All movements are soft, and slow. It is an expression of how you sense “freedom” in your body.

Dancing Through the Diaspora creates alliances across diasporic identities through multiple modes of verbal and non-verbal language(s). It denounces forms of nationalist and racist ideology by using the body as a site of resistance. This approach to performance is a form of social action and offers tools to strengthen the relationship between people in virtual spaces. The script is in the form of a semi-template, so you may insert your own terms of self-identification and movements in the performance. We want to create a line of demarcation between those who enact violence and those who refuse to enact violence. Rehearsals are held over Zoom. Will you join us?


On the screen, I see myself there where I was, once in a physical space that opened up a place inside; I am there and here. What is worse than loneliness? There is light behind us and there is light in front of us. Now that you are with me, our shadows guide us through where we may travel.

Adapted from Michel Foucault’s Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias