Approach to Co-created Facilitation

Our approach to facilitation requires specialist knowledge, yet the facilitator does not position themselves as an expert who holds knowledge that people need. Instead, they facilitate understandings, but do not prescribe them. We define collaboration as a co-created practice where clients question their knowledge, how this knowledge was formed, and where it might fit within other forms of knowledge. Understandings of cultural experiences are facilitated through relational, experiential approaches to make connections across multiple cultural experiences.

We define knowledge as a person’s subjective experience. In order to help people access that knowledge of self, our facilitators offer a series of hybrid activities that include experimental, performance-based practices. Researching self, multiple ways self can be performed, and sharing that knowledge with a group of people is a co-created, collaborative practice. This process of generating and sharing knowledge establishes a common language specific to the group. Utilizing this common language is the starting point from which we guide clients to resolve conflict.