1:1 Performance Facilitation

Let's co-narrate the ways relationships evolve between languages, histories, and identities.

One to One, One on One, and Audience of One are all terms used to describe a performance that invites one audience member to have an artistic experience on their own with a performer. These performance interactions can last ten minutes to one hour. Usually, they are site-specific, which means the place or location of the performance is conceptually connected to the theme. For example, before bringing groups together for dialogue, I facilitate an experience to co-narrate the ways relationships evolve between languages, histories, and identities, 1:1.

Waking Up Iranian American

Waking Up Iranian American is an autoethnographic work and series of four 1:1 performances focused on the ways cultural exchange develops between people. Participants are invited to partake in discussions and actions about identity, nationalism, and xenophobia. The goal is to move beyond antiquated notions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and ability. The dialogical framework of the performance is a key to changing power relationships between performers and participants. The performance practice is a form of facilitation because it uses collaboration to shift perception of self through facilitated dialogue. Therefore, this contributes to an evolution in how we can understand ourselves through social intimacy and viewing identity as multiple.

Participants are invited to choose a performance from the Waking Up Iranian American series.

This form of documentation results in co-creating an artwork, which is also an artifact. The documentation of 1:1 performances are artworks, such as textiles, self-made identity cards, photographs, and videos. They can be exhibited at home, in art fairs, or in galleries. All these artworks serve as a mosaic of cultural inhabitations and are used to initiate a group conversation when installed in a gallery space..