Co-create Experiences so Being in the World is Being in Support of Others.

Home Soil Projects

By providing 1:1 performance facilitation, collaborative events, and consultation to individuals and organizations we develop mutual understanding of conflict, so clients are equipped with knowledge to move toward resolution based on shared values.

Collaborative Events

Collaborative events which facilitate understandings of how artistic experiences offer creative tools to strengthen relationships between people. We use performance-based practices to explore ways of being socially responsive in a world where violence is an everyday reality. The goal is to empower participants to translate social theory of nonviolent practice in their own words while including multiple languages, not just English.


To support our clients' move toward resolution we offer consultation in research and education. Sustained personalized consultation equipps clients with research and facilitation skills as well as production materials to replicate and adapt the artistic experiences with their communities.

Co-create Experiences

Start a Conversation

 The eighth level of programming offers consultation that includes guidance in research and facilitation skills so clients are prepared to structure their own approach to mediating and preventing conflict. Depending on the situation, we also offer clients  a production team and materials to adapt the artistic experiences so they are prepared to replicate collaborative events with their organizations or communities.